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Developing movement skills since 1995.

1 ON 1 Pro Training

1 ON 1 Pro Training provides private clients with the advantage of learning in their own training environment. This is a one hour, results driven, educational session - designed to instill wellness skills. Sessions will be completed at your home or the location of your choice.

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Small Group Sessions

Small Group Sessions also knowns as training camps, will occur two or three times per year. Sessions include: (4 to 7 days) in Spain, Colombia, or Upstate NY. Addionally, one day rides of 25, 50, 75, or 100 miles are organized at Bear Mountain or in Bergen county New Jersey.

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Web Based: Remote Training

Once you set your goal is important to map out a plan and keep a detailed workout journal, very instrumental for any long term athletic development.

Technology is now ingrained in every aspect of our lives and when properly used this will make our training simpler and less complicated so we can concentrate on improving under safer and time efficient protocols. A combination of hard data like distance, pace and some metrics like hearth rate and rest in between, and the analytical thinking of what to do with that information, how is assimilated and process is decisive at the moment of making critical decisions by the coach and will guide the athlete to develop his potential.

Apparently, training right can get you faster!

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Track, analyze and plan on the web.

About Gustavo

USA Triathlon Certified Coach | Certified Trainer: National Council On Strength & Fitness

Gustavo Caicedo

I was born in South America, a country with all different weather (depending on how high you are above the sea), but no seasons. A very difficult topography with the longest mountain range in the world ensured climbing was in my DNA. The mountains were my playground; and when I climb atop one, I could make out countless others. Unavoidably I kept saying to myself, I have to climb this one and this one, and this one, and the problem with that is that I always want to go and see beyond my senses.

My love for climbing was fueled by the curiosity to see the world and therefore, created a constant dynamic in my life: movement.

I'm fortunate in that my good energy always translates into good karma and that allowed me to meet amazing and passionate people, all whom were willing to share their extensive knowledge. These great coaches, without any ego, taught me about the science of biomechanics and various theories, all of which have served as a good source of knowledge and motivation for my extensive clientele.

I have been a certified strength coach and a competitive triathlete for over 17 years – competing all over the world. I'm told that my training style is simultaneously very accessible and motivational – whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced. In addition to coaching endurance athletes, I work side by side with people who want to lose weigh, run their first 5K, or get through an injury or illness day by day. My strength is my ability to change my approach based on your needs; everyone is motivated differently and I find what makes you tick. I back up my passion for health and wellness with my own race schedule and adventure travel: summited three of the seven biggest mountains in the world, completed 12 marathons and eight Ironmans. And my biggest accomplishment is being injury free at each finish line.

My objective after every single one of my 19,000+ hours of coaching individuals is to make an educational and results driven hour of how the structure, function and performance of the human body are interrelated. Most programs in the market or training routine heavily neglect two of those three components, and that usually translates in injuries or underperformance and I'm happy to report none of that for my clients in my portfolio.

I know you have the ability and I'm here to plan the strategy.


Wonderful things people are saying about Gustavo.

  • Mary Catherine

    "Since working out with Gustavo I have decreased my marathon time by 20minutes which I was pleased by. I also like that he continues to challenge me and our workouts are always changing so I'm never bored. I now can do exercises I would never even attempt to do like, pull ups, planks and push-ups. He is understanding and patient with me and I appreciate the time he spends with me every Sunday and I hope next year I will be able to qualify for Boston. Anyone who trains with Gustavo will see the results immediately and will enjoy his demeanor and he will do everything he can to improve your overall strength.”

  • Jason Schwartz

    “Gustavo has trained me for seven years with a much different focus than any other trainer. Since I am an avid skier and runner the focus was on the core and agility training. It made me much stronger for my ski trips. In addition Gustavo was instrumental in helping me train for a triathlon as he has finished multiple Ironman competitions. If you are looking to push your body to the next level with a focus on core, agility, and strength training Gustavo is your guy. Not many trainers around have completed 7 Ironman competitions and multiple marathons. He is here to share with you how he trained for these events and provide you with the mental toughness to take your fitness to the next level.”

  • Anne-J. Maurice

    “Trainers in my experience, which I have had over 20 years of, are not typically good listeners and design a workout routine which they like or have recently learned about.

    Gustavo takes the time to understand his clients strengths, weaknesses, needs and short and /or long term goals. I have trained consistently with Gustavo for over 5 years. Throughout the sessions, Gustavo kept me inspired and was able to create routines that challenged me session after session. Everything takes time but not everything provided results. Gustavo is a result driven trainer who, like his clients, challenges himself with an clever exercise program, unstoppable.”

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